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Need a little Foodie inspiration? Check this out!

Home page: Salt Fat Acid Heat website

Most everyone goes through foodie lulls - including us. You start cooking the same recipes and that's when I start looking for a little inspiration. Recently that came in the way of binge watching a show with an interesting title based on a New York Times Bestseller: Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat. (Click on the name as I've included the link for all my lazy friends.) Seriously, even if you're not much of a cook or a fan of cooking shows - Check out the series on Netflix - it's a quick 4 show series but I guarantee you - it will yank you out of your foodie lull and make you want to cook, eat, travel and redo your kitchen! Can you say holy "Pavo en Escabeche!" I will not give away all the locations of where it's filmed and what Samin covers as I believe the beauty is in what each of us discover.

For me personally, it was a trip down memory lane with my grandmother in her kitchen, the markets of Yucatan and then on our travels to Italy. I'm so impressed by Ms. Nosrat and her command of languages, down to earth approach and culinary prowess. (Not to mention I'm lusting over her cooking range....ugh!) Yes, she's talented, has credentials but most of all - she seems like a normal gal who truly enjoys food! Like for real! Not the pasteurized, homogenized, perfect "looking" folks on the cooking channels. Anyway, you get the picture - I liked her show and her style - and if we met, we'd probably be friends.

Best of all, there are awesome recipes on her website you can try. "Cook the Recipe" tab.....get ready tho because you'll wish you had some ingredients in your pantry that are probably not there. The "Fat" episode made me break into the Pine nuts, Fresh Basil (from my basil pot that was over-grown, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Olive oil (may I add: copious amounts of garlic) and I made Linguine with Pesto for dinner. (NOT on the Keto diet but oh well....girls gotta eat.) Let's just say we had no left overs and I felt like I had gotten a great big hug from Italy.

"Acid" is next on my list because not only do I have all the awesome ingredients but I know what it's supposed to look like and smell. If my kitchen smells anything like my nona's then I'm a happy girl.

So as you watch the leaves turn this fall or wonder what to do when the snow is falling.....get your foodie on and let me know your thoughts! (I already had one friend tell me she loved me for recommending this series to her.)

Ciao y Buen Provecho!

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