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About Us

We are a couple of California kids that love the water.  


He is a retired United States Marine and I am a serial entrepreneur.  We love traveling, meeting new friends (our philosophy: there are no strangers - just friends we have not met yet!) great food, boat drinks and sharing them with our friends.

He caught the sailing bug while stationed in Hawaii in the eighties and sailed extensively around the Hawaiian islands and in California. I am relatively new to sailing but I have always loved being on the ocean.  I am an adventurer and figure "I have nothing to lose, and a life-changing adventure to gain..."  ​

Over the last few years I have prepared by taking sailing lessons (best to receive instruction from someone other than my gyrene husband who treats all training like a formal POI) and attending "Cruisers University" classes during the Annapolis boat show.  This was helpful as we both enjoyed sharing ideas and gaining practical knowledge about living aboard/extensive travel from likeminded sailors. We both feel we are ready to cast off...

Why are we doing this?  We have always thought about doing something like this (seriously....who doesn't think about sailing away at one point or another?) and have followed other like-minded souls that have taken this path via social media. We decided that we are not getting any younger and the retirement "numbers" may never be right but there is no time like the present to get busy living.  

So while we are not as young as some of the folks doing it - we're also not as old.  Somewhere in the middle!


How are we doing this?

He retired from his second career and I will continue to do what I do from the boat, I just need good cell phone coverage and some wi-fi connectivity.  

We have been saving for a few years, and I'm still working.  We sold everything - house, cars, furniture, etc.  Sailed for a few years and threw out the anchor in Velcro Beach -aka: Vero Beach to landlubbers, right before the pandemic.  (Talk about perfect timing). 

We had just sold Liberator III and we were looking for the next boat when we found a cute little house to call home when we weren't out sailing. (Funny how size requirement change after you've lived in a tiny house for a while.)

Aren't you scared to downsize?

There is as expected, some trepidation and second-guessing, but the thrill of the adventure wins every time.  We have worked many years to accumulate all these cool, land-lubberly possessions. Stuff that when you look hard is rarely used, for decoration, or stays in a closet/cupboard 363 days a year.

What we have found most interesting is that when you tell folks why you're selling your housed belongings they usually reply with "good for you," "wish we would have done that when we were younger," "I'm so jealous!!"  Not one person has looked at me/us as if we're crazy.  (well...except for my mother.) So I wonder: Does that mean we all secretly wish we could run away and be pirates? :-)

Lucky for us, many of the islands we plan to visit are Spanish speaking and I'm fluent.  So this is helpful but I don't believe necessary.  Jeff will now have lots of time and opportunity to practice his Spanish and I am so looking forward to that!

And so......

In the end, we realize that life is a gift and there are no guarantees where we will be tomorrow.  For too long we focused on careers, work, business, acquisition of "stuff" and paying too much attention to what's generally thought to be socially acceptable/appropriate/responsible activities for folks our age and socio-economic status.  For us, It's our time - and we intend to get busy living.  That translates into pointing this big beautiful lady we call home southward to ports unknown.  


If you have questions about the how, the why or the why-not, please get in touch with us.  We're happy to share and understand that sometimes it's hard to find all the info you're looking for online.  We guarantee you we don't have all the answers, but we will reply and share what we do know, have experienced and our crazy ideas! 


Remember, all who wander are NOT lost...... 

Hay que gozar la vida.  Hasta pronto!


Contact us at:

Crayon cartoon of us from the Elbow room in FLL
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