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Florida Holidays

We have been in Fort Lauderdale for a few weeks now and I keep telling myself it’s time to sit and blog but we’ve been having so much fun and so busy that the promise of “mañana” is ever present.

Our last 200 miles on the ICW was quite pleasant. We anchored out most nights the last week. Hoping to catch a space station resupply launching that was scheduled at Cape Canaveral. We kept checking the schedule but due to weather it was postponed for the next day - so we went to Cocoa Beach to see if we could catch it there. We had checked the weather and knew the wind would be blowing later that afternoon but would settle down over night and by the time the launch was scheduled at 10:34 AM the winds would be calm again. The launch was further postponed and we decided to keep heading south. Cool thing tho, I learned about snubbers that day and how to properly deploy one on our anchor chain as well as how to use it for heavy winds. We were quite comfortable and although getting off the anchor the next morning was interesting for me, having never done this - not too daunting. (windy and bouncy on the bow as the bow pulpit digs into my ribs). A little early morning boat yoga.

Vero Beach is a great town to visit and we enjoyed our brief two day stay. We hope to return and stay longer so we can really get a good feel for vibe of the town. I will say - had the best massage ever at the Orchid Spa in the Kimpton Hotel. Much needed after almost two months of being on the boat.

We anchored the next night in Hobe Sound across from a nature preserve adjacent to the home of Greg Norman the pro golfer (looked it up on google earth). His matching waterfront flag staffs, one Australian and the other USA was hard to miss. This was the first night we actually could take our dinner in the cockpit. It had been too cold previously to enjoy. We knew we had crossed the line at this point. This was our last night anchored out without a lot of other boat traffic.

The Next day, Saturday, we anchored out in Boca lake just in time to catch the Christmas Boat parade. We had one of the best views in the house from the cockpit as we enjoyed some boat drinks and dinner. From Mega yachts to dinghy’s - all decorated with Christmas lights and playing music. Got us in the spirit. Although close to Fort Lauderdale, we knew we would not make it all the way because of the bridge schedules and with the boat parade starting we decided to go with the flow and just stay. Another thing I’m learning on this trip….don’t fight the current. Just go with the flow….so I’m getting good at “going with the flow.”

Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, December 17th! Arrived at the Lauderdale Yacht Club which is our home now for the last almost three weeks. This location has been ideal for getting a lot of “little” things done as we wait for our weather window to cross to the Bahamas. We are fortunate to have the best dock friends ever - Our friends on Intermezzo. We have also been able to catch up with some long time friends like Troy and Lisa, Dana and Gary and have made some new friends like Al and Colleen. As Christmas Day approached I wondered how we would celebrate the day and it turned out perfect with our friends on Intermezzo and us putting a pot luck together and sharing a very memorable Christmas dinner on the docks of the Yacht Club (which we had all to ourselves because it was closed). The guys brought over tables and chairs and we used a dock box as our buffet table to set out quite a spread of delicious food. Becky and Chris made an amazing Prime Rib and brussels sprouts. We made the antipasto salad (1905 Salad from Colombia restaurant in St. Augustine - see Foodie blog for recipe.) and Pasta with Texas New Braunfels Smokehouse sausage that Troy and Lisa shared. Pecan pie and gelato for dessert and we were all very happy campers/boaters. Honestly, yes, the food was great and who could imagine we could put on such a dinner with such small galley kitchens and two burner stoves but the best part was sitting on the dock sharing a meal under the beautiful stars, in great weather, with our friends. Jeff and I have said this will go down as one of our more memorable Christmas’s ever. (Yep, cooked christmas dinner in my in my bathing suit too!).

New Years found us at the infamous Mai Kai Polynesian Review and Restaurant in Ft Lauderdale - so delightfully tacky you had to love it, the tiki bar was over the top with atmosphere, I just wish the service had been better. We followed dinner with drinks and fa view of fFt Lauderdale fireworks from our cockpit. It truly has been a wonderful holiday season and I am looking forward to 2018 as I’m sure it will be more of “going with the flow” and some change of plans. (Didn’t get to Junkanoo this year but I am sure I will someday.)

This last week is cold here now - Cold I mean 50’s. Jeff got the outboard motor running again, Liberator got a wax job and she’s all ready for her Bahamian debut. We have provisioned and the bilges are full. Laundry has been done, we have some odds and ends to put away - and yes there is always something to do, fix, clean on the boat. Yet, we are looking forward to moving on and heading east!

So from us to you - we wish you a prosperous, successful and blessed 2018! May your lockers be fully provisioned and your sails remain full!

Good Morning Lake Boca!

Welcome to Fort Lauderdale!

Christmas Dinner on the Dock!

Jeff and his outboard.

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