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Sock Burning 2016

So I had no idea that this is a tradition on the East Coast. Well it must be from the MidAtlantic region north. The idea is that you burn your socks because it marks the start of the sailing season. So, I bring my favorite socks because if I'm going to sacrifice anything to the sailing Gods it should be the socks I love the most or they may not smile down on my humble offering. If you ever attend a sock burning ceremony prepare for a good time with other sick sailing folks who enjoy "nauti" things. :-) Indeed it feels a little naughty to be burning perfectly good socks but alas, it's tradition.

We head for Ullman Sails sail loft in Deltaville for the event (Yep, it's on Gen. Puller Hwy! Ooh RAH!) jerry Latell and the folks at Ulman Sails took care of reconditioning our sails and getting them in top shape again. Jerry and his team are awesome to work with and do such a good job of cleaning and repairing sails. They also put on a wicked Sock Burning party!

Did someone say Oysters? Raw - shucked in front of you and with all the fixings and roasted on the grill, Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Beer on tap. Then the music of course, great local band. Folks from far and wide came to enjoy the party and throw their socks in the fire pits.

What we remember the most was all the smiles and the great time we had. If you ever have a chance to attend such a shindig - GO!

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