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Northbound, up the ditch...

After months of preparation we finally set the date for our trip north "up the ditch"as we say. We are renting a car one way to drop it off in Southport NC and then head north on S/V Liberator III. So much was done between February and May, 2016. Let me just say that the rental suv was packed when we left Northern Virginia. (I did leave enough room for Jeff to sit in the passenger side as I needed him to "drive" the boat back to Virginia.) The plan is to get in on Friday, clean up and get things ready on Saturday and leave by noon on Sunday. And this is exactly what we did.

We loaded, we provisioned, we cleaned, we did laundry, we double and triple checked everything. The last thing I did was laundry. Jeff waited for me to finish the last load and as soon as I was back on board, we pulled out.

First night, our goal was Wrightsville Beach. We got to our location and dropped the anchor just in time for dinner and to enjoy the sunset. Then it was off to bed for an early morning start as we decided to take the outside route to Beaufort, NC. We left about 4:30 AM from the Masonville cut. I took the helm to get us out of the channel and then Jeff took over for the rest of the trip.

Why you ask? Well, I never get seasick but for some reason (okay, seas were a little rough) I got seasick! Me! Not sure if it was the fact that we started off before the sun came up and I could not see the horizon or if I just turned into a weak unit but I was physically unable to do anything but sit and look at the horizon. Miserable. Jeff made me eat some crackers and drink some water and I had to pee in a bucket because there was no way I was going to go down below and use the head. No way Jose! I did not want to lose my cookies - and believe it or not, I didn't. So if you've never felt seasick, good for you, but if you ever do - don't worry, it happens. I will be testing the seasick bands and anything other than Dramamine, which makes me even more sick, so stay tuned. I talk about his candidly because so many folks don't and I suspect that more get sick than admit it. Lucky for me I have a wonderful captain that took good care of me through this and towards the end of the day I started to feel better. By the time we got to Beaufort Docks and set the lines - I was fine. Go figure.

We spent the night at the marina and the next morning we borrowed the marina car to head to have breakfast and make a run to West Marine. We got back and took a walking tour of the waterfront in Beaufort. Decided to spend another night and have dinner at a quaint restaurant, Blue Moon Bistro.

Our first 48 hour on this trip and we were feeling quite at home on the boat. We met a couple who were coming up from Florida and had to stop in Beaufort for engine repairs. They had just purchased their trawler and I was amazed that they had not provisioned, did not know their boat and did not have an anchor on the bow. After our conversation with them, I turned to Jeff and thanked him for being so prepared. I can't imagine not having extra parts, tools, food or an anchor. You meet all kinds.....and it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round I guess. And so.....we continue the journey.......

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