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Prep for the trip up the ICW to Deltaville, VA

So we bought the what? Well, we want to prep her for the trip North, up the ditch, to her new home in Deltaville, VA. Jeff prepares for this type of thing like its a military mission - has to go through everything with a fine tooth comb. Good thing I guess... Well, we had plenty to do and decided to set our sail-date for Mid May. This would allow for warmer weather (yeah right) and give us about 4 visits to Southport, NC. An ambitious plan. This means cleaning and repairing the sails, cleaning the bilges/strainers, fuel filters, changing the oil, cleaning the heads, the galley and more.....well here's some of our list - in pictures. Needless to say that we spent entire weekends driving, learning the nuances of the boat while we worked on her. Its very important to know where everything is located on your vessel, every sea cock, every pump, every electrical appliance, everything. Being able to do some maintenance yourself is important too! Who you gonna call when it breaks and you're anchored in No-name Bay who-knows-where many NM from the technicians? Learn your boats' systems. Take a class. All the while, we enjoyed the location and the people of Southport. Not such a bad place to do boat work!

Reconditioned sails, new sacrificial strip and new life!
Things to do-but wait....there was more.

AC and bilge maintenance

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