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Southport, NC

We found the right boat for us in Southport, NC. As it turns out, it's not a bad place to do boat work! The Zimmerman Marine crew was great. For the next few months we routinely leave Northern Virginia on Friday after work and make the 365 mile/6 hour trek south to make all preparations for a mid-May launch/relocation to Deltaville. We found Southport to be quaint and inviting. There is a cool waterfront area with numerous restaurants and specialty shops, combined with its' eclectic coastal neighborhoods with spanish moss bedecked ancient oaks that line the streets. Southport is a seasonal town with a population of about 3,000. In 2013 it was the location for the motion picture "Safe Haven" and there are many local establishments that feature signage that reads "as seen in Safe Haven". While we were there preparing and doing our maintenance, we took the time to enjoy the local vibe and we look forward to heading south in the fall of 2017 and perhaps spending another a day or three!

Southport NC

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