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Tuna and Grits

Here's the recipe for Tuna and Grits - a local Bimini Bahamas favorite.

You can find different recipes on the internet but this seems to be the one that most resembles what we enjoyed.

1 Can of Tuna

Salt and Pepper to taste

1 Tbs of Mayo - to taste

Chopped white onion - to taste

1 Lime

Quaker 5 min. Grits - or the microwave kind works too

(Sliced avocado on the side if you like)

Tuna and Grits

Make your grits to taste with butter.

Make your tuna salad by adding and combining the chopped onion, mayo, salt and pepper.

You may want to add a little spice - Bahamians use Ghost Pepper but you can use Tapatio. Just a dash!

Mix your grits with your tuna salad and voila! Tuna and Grits for breakfast.

Enjoy with a strong cup of coffee and Bimini Bread!

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