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We are finally in the Bahamas!

It was nice to spend time in Fort Lauderdale visiting friends, catching up on some “to do” items and hanging out at some of our old favorites. However, after about 3 weeks we were ready to keep heading south. The weather windows were never quite right during those 3 weeks so we didn’t push it, yet there was a sliver of opportunity and by that I mean a very short, small window. Along with our friends on Intermezzo, we researched, consulted, huddled and decided that Friday the 12th if January would be a good time to cross the Gulf Stream and head east to Bimini. Bahamas here we come!

So we prepped and staged in Miami on Thursday the 11th and on Friday at 2:00 AM we brought up the anchor and headed out the channel.

Sunrise headed to Bimini

From the start it was sporty. 6-8 knots and wind gusts of 25 mph coming from the south, south east. We kept thinking that once we made it further South and turned right (North) the wind would be at our favor. Yeah NO! Let’s just say the wind changed and we never got a comfortable ride. About 5 hours into it....7 AM Jeff asked if I wanted to turn around. By this point we are half way there....already on the horse so let’s just keep going. We arrived at South Bimini around noon. Almost 11 hours of being in a washing machine. Liberator performed beautifully. She took the waves and combers with grace and poise. I would look over at Jeff and there were times when he had a smile on his face. So happy she was doing what she was made to do and so happy to finally be heading to bluer seas. Me on the other hand.....I looked and felt like I was rode hard and put away wet. So happy when I was back on Tierra Firma!

Conchs on North Bimini

We have been in Bimini for over a week now and the memories of the crossing are fading as the sunsets are so beautiful, the sand so smooth and the ocean a gorgeous turquoise and further out, deep blue. Gone are the tea colored waters of the Carolinas and Georgia.

Just looking into the water from the transom and you see tons of fish under Liberator.

Joe's Conch Shack - making the salad!
Finished product!

We are enjoying our time in Bimini exploring by foot, golf cart and dinghy. We have met some awesome folks and I’m grateful and happy that we are traveling with some incredible people like our friends on Intermezzo. Every day I wake up and pinch myself!

Rhonda from Ugowego of Mobile Alabama asked me what I thought was the hardest part of living on a boat. Besides missing my family and friends and wishing you were all here to share this with us, I miss my kitchen and bathroom. Cooking in a little galley has its challenges and our head requires cleaning daily, sometimes more than once a day. Things get wet and smell, like sponges and dish towels. The freezer has to be defrosted every 45-60 days (I recently learned that the hard way). You can’t just leave things and forget them, you need to check and clean everyday. Tiny house living. I guess it’s like a house - daily maintenance is required- except for with this house the views change.

Sherri's Beach Shack - Radio Beach North Bimini Bahamas
Speaks for itself right?

So not only do my views change (literally) but also my perspective (figuratively) about what is important, what is of true value and the realization that when you open yourself to new things your are enriched. What has been a surprise is that often your expectations are far exceeded. So when folks ask what is the plan, we just say a general direction (South) because honestly, it's not always up to you. Mother nature has her ideas and you need to leave yourself open to options. Not only do we feel blessed but also fortunate that we have left some comforts behind to stretch ourselves and discover new things, new places and new conch salad recipes!

Hasta Pronto!!

Feathers in his hair?  Life is a party!
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