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Ready to "live on the hook?"

Living on the hook.....what would that look like? Are we ready to do this? How much work would that take? What is the plan? Questions? I'm all about the questions and then all about the plan. If it makes sense then I can get onboard. Anyone who knows this type A personality gal, knows I'm a planner, I'm all about the execution of the plan and take contingencies into account.

What cured me from this ailment you ask? A few years back, my brother asked us to join him and my sister-in-law on a trip to Italy to celebrate her 40th birthday. Since we had shared our pictured and tales of our previous trips to Italy, he made a request: can we "play it by ear" and not plan every single day of our trip. What! No plan? That was counterintuitive for me (and a bit of torture). Jeff and Ruben let me plan the following: Airline tickets to Milan and return from Rome, First night hotel in Milan and rental car for the dates we were to be in Italy. That's it!! 10 plans! Long story short - it was one of the best vacations ever. I learned a big, life changing lesson....playing it by ear and not planning every day is a good thing. Fast forward to our sailboat charter - some minimum plans and organization (yes - I had a provisioning spreadsheet) but we did not pre-decide where we were sailing to and how long we would be at each location. It's amazing how wonderful it feels to get up in the morning and decide what you want to do that day over a cup of coffee and some yogurt. Relaxed!

What does this have to do with living on the hook? Well....more fast forward: The original "plan" was to save some money and head south for about a year and then make it up as we go. About 5 weeks ago the plan changed. We started talking, I took out my spreadsheet, and then we had an epiphany. Why not? Why not sell everything and move on boat full-time, live on the hook. Put some of our things in storage and sell everything. Everything. What's the worse that could happen? I'm sorry but I do not see the down side to not having to worry about upkeep and maintenance on a house we will not be seeing for a year. We won't rent out the house because we've done that before and it was not a good experience. So, the house is listed, the dates for the estate sale are set for a few weeks from now and two out of three vehicles are sold. The new plan: move aboard and live on the hook.

So how did this plan come together? Here's what we did;

1. Call three realtors and conduct interviews. Prior to deciding who to list with do some research on experience, commissions, advertising, etc. Don't go with the first one you meet right away or the next door neighbor, etc. Make sure the realtor you choose is clear on your goals (selling the house) and timeframes.

2. Call estate sales companies and conduct interviews. Similar only make sure they have an extensive pre-sale list, social media strategy and understand what you want for your items.

3. Post your vehicles. Price accordingly, take great pictures and add description.

4. Medical Check- up. Get them done! We made a list of our annual exams and what we was due. Example: dermatologist, mammogram, Tetanus shots! Medication refills, etc.

5. CPR training - do it! The life you save may be your captain's or a fellow traveler.

6. Estate planning. Update wills, DMR, etc.

7. Financial planning. Interview a planner and work your plan. In addition, make an immediate financial plan to cover sailing/living on the hook.

8. Take inventory of the storage space you have on board for provisions and personal items. (don't forget the Wine, your favorite sandals and some comfort items that make you feel at home).

9. Maintenance on the boat - Make it fun! I just learned to do some plumbing and changed the galley faucet and had fun doing it. Jeff made sure we had music playing and walked me through the process. (truth be told: my hands are smaller and it's easier for me to get into tight spaces - boat yoga!)

We are working towards the goal everyday. 5 yards a carry.....touchdown: sometime in October/November, 2017!

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