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And so it begins, The Survey.

It was snowing the day we headed south from Virginia to Southport, NC to survey our potential new sailboat. I was sitting in the back seat listening to the conversation between Jeff and Mike Preveti (our awesome surveyor) and thinking to myself - these guys are actually enjoying this! Must be a gender thing, because all I could think of is "please don't let us die before the adventure begins." Good news is we made it to Southport NC safe and sound despite the snow and I can't begin to tell you how important it is to have a proper surveyor before you purchase a boat. By the way: don't use the one the sellers' broker recommends. Get your own. As it turns out, the survey went really well, Mike pointed out a plethora of items that required attention, he took a ton of pictures. The survey allowed us to negotiate a "best price" and it resulted in a comprehensive "to-do" list for us. Thank you Mr. Preveti

Snow...just love mid February in the Mid Atlantic.
Sea trial - so cold....but so happy to be out on the water!

Mike at the top of the mast - so thorough

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